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Barzan Project

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About the project

Industeel’s Product: Clad Plates for pipes X65 +825 and 625
Final Customer: RasGas
Final Application: Pipeline

Quantities: 8020 Plates -51654 Tons
Mills: Le Creusot and Loire
Delivery: February 2018 to November 2019



Our clad plates will be used in the manufacture of a new Pipeline that will replace the current one, made of steel. With a total length of 180 km (including 100 km supplied by Industeel), it will connect the offshore fields to the complex gas company Barzan in Qatar. This is a historic record order for Industeel.

EEW is a German company with 2,000 employees created in 1936, specializing in the manufacture of tubes but also of pressure vessels, tanks, etc. Their main markets are oil & gas on land and at sea, l ‘offshore wind farm, chemical industry, civil construction etc … They have an annual production capacity of over 800,000 tons of tubes.

RasGas is a company producing liquefied natural gas in Qatar.It was created in 1993. The company is mainly owned by Qatar Petroleum with foreign minority stakes (ExxonMobil, …)

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