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To deliver you the best quality service, we offer you a range of tools to help you find you steel solution, help you optimize your steel processing, and get all the documentation you need.
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Quick delivery program

Industeel mainly provides tailor-made products but also provides standard products to satisfy customers with a largest range of solutions.
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Calculation Software for storage tanks

A user friendly software program which provides a comparison of investment and life cycle costs for storage tanks.
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Please find here our up-to-date applicable surcharges.
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Technical support

Industeel’s materials processing guidelines are designed to help customers with plate processing operations such as cutting, bending, welding, machining and heat treatment.
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Testing facilities

Located in Le Creusot, the CRMC (Centre de Recherche des Matériaux du Creusot) is a world-class partner equipped with a wide range of experimental set-ups for a variety of industries, applications and materials. Our people, equipment, and tools can be applied to help you characterize materials. A collaboration already exists with a local nuclear company as well as occasional services to other local companies. Our testing services include: – mechanical tests: tensile tests, toughness tests, creep tests – corrosion tests: stress corrosion cracking tests, hydrogen induced cracking tests, climatic chamber tests
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