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High quality steels producer

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Industeel, subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, is specialized in the production of hot rolled as well as forged steel plates, ingots and formed pieces, with the largest dimension range worldwide.

Industeel offers a complete range of high-quality steel grades, from carbon & low alloy steels to stainless steels and nickel based alloys. Industeel regroups 3 plate mills (Charleroi, Chateauneuf and Le Creusot), 2 tailor-made forming workshops (Saint-Chamond, Dunkirk) a research and development center (CRMC) and 2 services centers (CSM and OMMIS) having a long tradition of metallurgical know-how and different product specialties. All our plate mills produce steel via the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) route, a low-emission steelmaking process that uses high-power electric arcs to melt recyclable steel scrap.

Industeel Belgium Charleroi Plant

Charleroi plant is equipped with a large EAF combined with a continuous caster that can cast up to 355 mm thick slabs. Thanks to advanced steelmaking and secondary metallurgy processes (VOD, VD), a 4.25m-wide quarto roller and monitored finishing facilities (including a stainless pickling line), Industeel Belgium produces a wide range of steel grades dedicated to various industries. The mill can also supply slabs to other plants on request.

Industeel France Châteauneuf plant

Chateauneuf plant produces plates using EAF route and bottom poured ingots. Its RH degasser enables the plant to ensure extremely low levels of dissolved gases such as hydrogen in the molten steel, which is critical to produce high-quality steels. Chateauneuf plant has a forging press in line with quarto rolling mill, therefore the mill can produce both quarto rolled plates, forged and rolled plates and forged “blocks” up to 1200 mm thickness. In addition to usual finishing facilities, the mill provides also oxycutting and sawing services enabling finishing to exact customer specifications.

Industeel France Le Creusot plant

Le Creusot plant produces plates using EAF route and bottom poured ingots. Its advanced degassing facilities (VOD, VD) enables the plant to specialty grades ranging from carbon steel to stainless steels and nickel-based alloys. Le Creusot plant also provides ingots with weight up to 350 tonnes. It is one of the few European plants capable of producing clad plates (using metallurgically hot rolled bonding process). Le Creusot has also a long experience in delivering plates that meet the extremely demanding specifications of nuclear industry.

Industeel France St Chamond plant

Industeel heavy forming division located in Saint Chamond (France) is made up of a team of experienced Engineers and Technicians whose objective is to produce and deliver pieces that fully meet the customer needs. Key parameters for manufacturing of parts (design code, dimensions and material specification) are usually provided will be translated by Saint-Chamond engineering department into the production process. Thanks to 2 forming presses (including a 12 000 tons press), monitored heat treatment furnaces and a 5m deep water quenching bath, Saint Chamond can process any kind of material (carbon, low alloy steel or stainless steel). One flagship product is two-piece hemispherical heads dedicated to large-diameter vessels in refining and petrochemicals.

Industeel Dunkirk

Industeel Dunkirk is a specialized prefabrication shop located in Dunkirk (France), equipped to perform cutting, beveling, forming and bending of carbon and stainless steel plates, in particular for tank fabrication. This site specializes in supplying prefabricated plates in 9Ni for cryogenic storage tanks, which can be delivered directly to port via barge, and has also started supplying duplex and austenitic stainless steel for tank projects in chemical and solar power applications.

Centro Servizi Metalli

Centro Servizi Metalli was founded to serve the “Italian Food Valley” and has further expanded its activity in Europe, up to three production units in Italy (Reggio Emilia), Poland (Gliwice) and France (Lyon). The group also has two sales offices in Germany and one in Benelux.

The group has more than 10.000 tons of stock at disposal. The wide range of alloys and thicknesses, the well-equipped production plants and the functional geographical positions around Europe enable a fast and specific service. The cutting is done according to the customers’ projects using waterjet, plasma ,mechanical cutting technologies and latest generation laser.

CSM group is part of Industeel since 2022.


OMMIS is specialized in distribution and processing of tool steel & special steel (flat & long product) – dedicated to wide range of application, including plastic molds, stamping, die casting, forging, mechanical components, cold work, hot work…

Largest dimension range worldwide

Product and application innovation is assured by proximity to its global customer base via a dedicated world-wide sales network. All our products are submitted to the most stringent internal and external controls, but also our quality assurance system is approved by the largest international certifying authorities, a guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers.

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