Welcome to our universe

Welcome to our universe

It took many months to shoot and especially edit the new film of Industeel. Now it is ready to be unveiled to all the people who will be eager to discover it.



Superplast ® Premium Steel
Superplast ® Premium Steel

The "Moulds and Tools" days are organized by the A3TS, the Cercle d'Etudes des Métaux and the IMT Mines Albi-Carmaux every four years since 2007. The purpose is to show the new metallurgical solutions, thermal and surface treatments, or design of molds/tools to provide selecting solutions that are technically and economically optimal for users.

The 2019 session will take place on 10-11 October in Albi, France. Industeel will be there to present a technical paper Superplast® Premium steel: an alternative to ESR.

The aim is to present our Superplast® Premium grade and to compare its properties with standard and remelted equivalent grade. Thanks to a specific solidification process developed by Industeel, we will show that it is possible with a single-melt grade to achieve metallurgical properties fulfilling the most stringent requirements, such as optical polishing or shiny chrome plating.

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