Welcome to our universe

Welcome to our universe

It took many months to shoot and especially edit the new film of Industeel. Now it is ready to be unveiled to all the people who will be eager to discover it.



New datasheet for XC06 High Purity Ultra Low Carbon Steel for Magnet applications

What is XC06 ?

Available as bulk solid plate up to 825 mm thickness, XC06 is a soft ferromagnetic iron providing high saturation polarisation, high permeability and low coercitive force with excellent homogeneity. Those properties are essential for high-tech magnet applications such as:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI-guided proton therapy devices
  • Particle physics accelerators (cyclotrons, synchrotrons)
  • Magnet components (cores, yokes)

Thanks to its specific production route, Industeel XC06 grade exhibits a constant quality with an ultra-low carbon content and an extreme low level of residuals which does not exceed a few hundred of ppm. Excessive carbon content and residual elements found in conventional grades may impair the final performance of the grade : a decrease of saturation polarization, higher hysteresis losses and enhanced sensitivity to magnetic ageing (an increase of coercivity with time).

Download the XC06 datasheet

XC06 soft iron is suitable for magnetic components used in MRI devices.

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