Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

In December 2019, Industeel signed their first photovoltaic contract for the installation of more than 1500 solar panels to be mounted on the roof of the plant in Charleroi. These panels have ...



New datasheet for Creusabro M

What is Creusabro® Manganese ?

Creusabro® M is the genuine fine-grained 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese steel (Hadfield steel) hot-rolled plate.
12-14% Mn austenitic manganese steel shows an outstanding hardening capacity under stress recognized for a long time.

As delivered, Creusabro® M exhibits a moderate hardness of 180 to 240 HB combined with high ductility and impact energy absorption capacity. When exposed to high pressure or impact loads in service, Creusabro® M work hardens considerably on its surface up to 600 HB, while remaining not brittle in the bulk.
As a result, Creusabro® M exhibits high resistance to abrasive wear, where external conditions cause extensive work hardening of the wear component’s surface. Creusabro® M has found many applications in crushing and earthmoving equipment, in railways and in the shot blasting industry.

The second essential property is that Creusabro® M is a non-magnetic steel

Product advantages:
- Industeel is world’s largest producer of 12% manganese plate steel.
- Main uses : rail wear industry, shot blasting machines and lifting magnets.

Down load the Creusabro® M datasheet

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