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New NORSOK for UR™ 254 and ISO 17782 homologations

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Published on : 18/12/2019

Thanks to all the teams who have greatly contributed we are happy to announce that our UR™ 254 grade is now NORSOK certified for thicknesses ranging from 4.76 mm up to 40 mm.

UR™ 254 is a 18% Ni, 20% Cr, 6% Mo super austenitic stainless steel grade with 0.2%nitrogen additions, particularly designed to be cost effective.
UR™ 254 NORSOK can be used in the Oil & Gas industry for offshore platforms, flow lines, seawater piping…

ISO 17782 is a new international standard based on NORSOK M-650, 4th edition, which was developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety for petroleum industry operations. The conformity assessment requirements provide a scheme for manufacturers to demonstrate their competence and experience to manufacture the relevant material grades and product forms.

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