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Michelangelo Circo and Industeel

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Published on : 23/10/2023

Michelangelo Circo is a creative artist from Morlanwelz (Belgium) and passionate about art.

He uses steel and other salvaged materials to transform them into works presenting his vision of time, space and our origins.

His attention focuses on the presence of geometric shapes in various fields such as biology, physics, science, mathematics, history and philosophy.

His goal ? making art accessible to all but also giving young people the desire to create.

He also specifies “The main objective is to be able to share my popularized interpretation of certain subjects such as “Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy”, with young people. It is them, our adults of tomorrow, who will continue to build a better future*” ( *see website – photo credits:

Industeel Belgium wanted to support this artist and provided him with 12 sheets allowing him to create the following 4 works: “the Golden Eye, Rector, Plasma EMC and My Intrication”.

How does he do it?

Mr. Circo explains that the works are first drawn and then a miniature of the sculpture is made before making it in real size. Then, the sculpture is cut, adjusted and then welded. 

Given the size of the works, they are really heavy and so, significant means of logistics and transport are necessary and used.

The artist has also, on several occasions, collaborated with schools to welcome young welding apprentices who were thus able to participate in the creation of works such as the giant steel balloon/Archimedean truncated icosahedron. An enriching experience for these young people and a great enhancement of their work.

Do you want to know more? Visit his website:

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