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Duplex World Virtual Conference

Seat Conference
Calendar From 1rst to 3rd June 2021 - 12:30 -17:00 CET
Location Online
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Industeel will participate to the Duplex World Virtual Conference 2021 from 1-3 June 2021 (12:30 – 17:00 CET). This conference will offer a wide range of topics relevant for manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of duplex stainless steels:

Industeel presentations will be given:

  • Influence of thermal ageing on the mechanical and corrosion properties of the Super Duplex 1.4410 (UR™ 2507) – Tuesday 1 June, 14:30 – Sarata Cissé
  • Heat-affected zone ferrite content control of a new duplex stainless steel grade with enhanced weldability – Tuesday 1 June, 16:00 – Sandra Le Manchet

Join us online for the world’s leading duplex stainless steel conference & networking event!

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