Technical advice

Our team gives you technical assistance to help you take full advantage of selecting Industeel grades.
Providing on-field technical assistance to help our customers in the use of our steel solutions.
An integrated welding workshop with an expertise in welding metallurgy and welding processes. Cooperation with research institutes and organizations on processing operations
R&D department fully dedicated to the development and optimization of hot workability and heat treatment processes.

Examples of technical support :

Materials selection, application engineering and testing in CORROSION RESISTANT, ABRASION RESISTANT, PRESSURE VESSEL and TOOL STEELS.

Welding and fabrication assistance maintaining the performance of materials in-service through metallurgical expertise, filler metal selection and testing covering :

Through INNOVATION, MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, the CRMC our research center guarantees to our customers our commitment to :

  • Continuously improve our product quality and performance
  • Meet their safety and fitness for service requirements
  • Provide materials solutions with the lowest available life cycle cost
  • Maintain our capacity to jointly develop products meeting their future materials needs