Relia® Quality Wear Resistant Plates

Detailed Offer

Relia® is a range of high hardness, low-alloyed martensitic steels. Relia® offers outstanding resistance to especially abrasive wear – typically three to six times higher than classical construction steels in the 355 MPa range*. The hardness of Relia® grades is obtained through intense water quenching during manufacturing.

The use of Relia® wear-resistant steels will extend the service life of wear parts and machinery components without sacrificing the quick and easy fabrication in the workshop. The choice of Relia® during product design will bring benefits to the end user including:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • greater payload capacity
  • lighter weight
  • reduced fuel consumption.

* Actual performance may vary depending on the type of wear and operating conditions




A complete offer to meet a wide range of practical requirements

Relia® plates and cut-to-length sheets are available in three nominal hardness levels: 400, 450 and 500 HBW. Relia® is carefully optimised to provide superior properties and a higher service level for easy and quick fabrication. In addition to their high superficial hardness, Relia® plates and cut-to-length sheets feature:

  • a good level of toughness
  • uniform hardness
  • enhanced weldability
  • improved cold formability
  • narrow manufacturing tolerances.

Relia® wear-resistant steels are the preferred solution for consistent and reliable processing in the workshop and optimal in-service performance.

Dimensional feasibility

The Relia® range is available as both cut-to-length sheets and heavy plates, in a large dimensional range from 3 to 150 mm thick and up to 3800 mm wide.

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Key application areas


Construction and transportation
Construction, public works and road transportation
shape our world. The use of ArcelorMittal’s special steels
reduces costs and increases efficiency. Best results are
achieved when you combine Relia® wear-resistant steel and
Amstrong® Ultra high strength steel.




Excavation and bulk handling
Excavation, hauling and bulk material handling are the
foundation of the mining, quarrying, and mineral industries.
Reliable wear parts play a significant role to ensure safety
and avoid costly machine downtime. In mobile equipment,
payload and weight are also of primary concern. Relia®
enables OEMs to design vehicles with optimum operational



Crushing and screening
Raw mineral processing includes a large number of
technologies for comminution and sizing. In operations where
coarse and fine particles of different materials are processed,
excessive wear can occur. Relia® can prevent excessive wear
and ensure smooth and cost-effective industrial operations.




Demolition, waste and recycling
Heavy-duty demolition equipment, waste, and recycling
machinery are subject to very severe service conditions.
Abrasion and fatigue are often induced by the heavy cyclic
loads in these operations. Relia® products are designed and
produced to cope with these conditions.

Relia® 400 370-430 HB
Relia® 450 420-480 HB
Relia® 500 470-530 HB