Creusabro® M

12-14%Mn austenitic manganese hot rolled steel plate.

Creusabro® M is the genuine fine-grained 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese steel (Hadfield steel) hot-rolled plate.

The outstanding strain hardening capacity of 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese steel has been recognized for a long time. In the delivery condition, Creusabro® M exhibits a moderate hardness in the range 180 – 240 HB combined to a high ductility and absorbed impact energy. When subjected to pressure or impact loads in service, Creusabro® M steel work hardens considerably on the surface up to 600 HB, while remaining not brittle in the bulk.

As a result, Creusabro® M exhibits high resistance to abrasive wear, where external conditions cause extensive work hardening of the wear component’s surface. Creusabro® M has found many applications in crushing and earthmoving equipment, in railways and in the shot blasting industry.

The second essential property is that 12-14%Mn austenitic manganese steel is a non-magnetic steel.


Creusabro® M

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