Creusabro® 4800

Advanced technology in wear

Creusabro® 4800 is a high performance wear resistant steel, exhibiting a wear resistance 50% higher than that of conventional 400HB water quenched steel.

Rather than relying exclusively on a high hardness level, properties of Creusabro® 4800 are improved as a result of the combination of an enriched alloying content (chromium, nickel, molybdenum and titanium) and specific heat treatment procedures. Creusabro® 4800 is designed to offer the best possible optimization of an exceptional wear resistance and very acceptable workability.

The moderate hardness of Creusabro® 4800 in the asdelivered condition makes processing operations like cutting, machining and forming easier and far better than ordinary water quenched steels.

When in service, Creusabro® 4800 strongly improves its wear resistance by a surface hardening effect of about +70 HB under the action of local plastic deformations caused by impact with rocks or pressure by the abrasive particles.

Creusabro® 4800 is ideal for applications in mines and quarries, cement and steelmaking industries, public works and agricultural machinery. The grade is suitable for all types of abrasion, sliding or impact, dry or wet environments, including operating temperatures up to 350 – 450°C.


Creusabro® 4800 is a proprietary and exclusive grade developed by Industeel. There exists no engineering standard for plates intended for wear resistant applications.

Chemical analysis

Max values (weight %)

C S P Mn Ni Cr Mo
≤ 0.20 ≤ 0.005 ≤ .018 ≤ 1.6 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.9 ≤ 0.40

Mechanical properties

Typical values

Hardness (HB) YS MPa (ksi) UTS MPa (ksi) Elongation 5.65 % KCVL – 20°C (-4°F) J ( Elasticity modulus GPa
370 900 (130) 1200 (174) 12 36 (27) 205

Guaranteed values (as supplied) Hardness 340 – 400 HBW

Service life

Creusabro® 4800 metallurgical concept improves its wear resistance compared to other anti – abrasion grades available in the market, and in all service conditions.

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Creusabro® 4800

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