Creusabro® Advanced Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steels

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Creusabro® steels are genuinely different than classical low-alloyed martensitic abrasion resistant plates.

The soft quenching rates used in the mill fabrication practice:

  • develop a bainite-martensite mixed microstructure with retained austenite with special properties.
  • stimulate a fine dispersion of hard micro-alloyed carbides, which enhance the resistance to slide abrasion.
  • produce a uniform through-hardened plate and low level of residual stresses within the plate.


Creusabro® steels are designed to provide an cost effective combination of wear resistance and easy fabrication.

  • The moderate hardness in the as-delivery condition facilitate smooth and easy processing of complex parts at the workshop, without compromising on the wear resistance in service conditions.
  • Wear resistance in service is strongly improved by a surface hardening effect of +70 HB under the action of local plastic deformations caused by impact with rocks or pressure by the abrasive particles. This is known as TRIP-effect.

Creusabro steel grades hardness


TRIP EFFECT : simulation


Creusabro® plates have good industrial experience worldwide, providing longer lifetime of mining equipment (mobile or fixed) or in many other industrial applications. Particularly, Creusabro® plates are well accepted by end-users and workshops who handle the reconditioning of worn equipment. Creusabro® helps to customize buckets, dump trays, crushers, etc to the specific service conditions of each end-user, enhancing machine’s performance and therefore increasing productivity.



Creusabro® offers the optimum combination between wear resistance and easy processing for the most severe fabrication and operating conditions.


The choice of Creusabro® steels during product design or maintenance repair will bring multiple benefits, including:


Longer service life by +50 to 100%

Longer lasting wear parts play a significant role to reach optimum operational performance and avoid costly machine downtime. Creusabro® steels have proven to exceed the wear resistance of classical water quenched plates:

  • Creusabro® 4800 outlasts classical 400HB-class plates by 50 -100%
  • Creusabro® 8000 and Dual outlast by 50 -100% classical 500HB-class plates, overlay products, hard cast irons…

Alternatively, Creusabro® steels offer substantial weight savings and increased payload potential (lower thickness is required) for the same wear life as standard water quenched plates.


Structural capacity within a wear plate

Creusabro® has a guaranteed impact energy of min 32 J at -20°C. It offers the toughness and weldability necessary to perform not just as a wear liner, but as a structural material in mining and tipper truck bodies, shovel buckets, heavy-duty scrap shears, etc…


Workshop-friendly, ideal for complex fabricated parts
  • no residual stresses within the plate, thus no deformation during and after cutting, thanks to soft quenching process
  • excellent flatness < 3 mm/m, achieved without cold-deformation (no mechanical leveling)
  • softer material in the as-delivery condition facilitate smooth and easy processing of complex parts at the workshop, without compromising on the wear resistance in service conditions.

Creusabro 8000

Heat and wear resistance

Specific chemical composition and initial microstructure result in a high resistance to softening compared to conventional water quenched, which loose their hardness above 250°C.

  • in-service temperature up to 450°C
  • reduced Heat Affected Zone, e.g. after flame cutting or welding
  • if required, Creusabro plates can be hot formed at without any further heat treatment.

Creusabro® is the ideal choice for hot industrial applications e.g. in Power, Cement, Iron & Steel industries.


Correct materials selection offers the potential to translate into major savings in fabrication and maintenance costs, increased payload and productivity, and enhanced machine performance.

For many years, Creusabro® abrasion resistant steels provide optimal solutions that translate into significant reduction of total cost of ownership and improvement in operational profitability.

The minor initial cost difference in the base material is far outweighed by the direct costs of part fabrication, consumables and labor for repairs/replacements, as well as the even higher indirect costs such as inventory costs and production losses due to machine unavailability.

Komatsu PC3000 Bucket Liner Kits in Hard Rock Gold Mine

Creusabro® 8000 liners replacing classical 450 HB water quenched plate, Australia

450 HB : 2500 hours
C8000 : 5600 hours
+125% improvement in liner wear life.
Estimated Bucket Maintenance Cost Saving: ~ $ 96,000 / bucket / year
The minor initial cost difference in the base material is far outweighed by the direct costs of kit fabrication and installation.



Iron Ore Mine Crusher Feed Chute Application

Creusabro® DUAL liners replacing weld overlay plate, Australia

Original 19+12 mm weld overlay studded crusher feed liners failed due to impact load from isolated rocks.
The feed chute relined with CDUAL in 30 mm bolted liners solved the problem as the material was able to handle both the high abrasion wear and impact loads.
Wear through the full liner thickness has prolonged the overall lifetime by +250%.



Wear Components for Raw Vertical Roller Mills

Creusabro® 4800 replacing weld overlay plates, Morocco – Indonesia
Operating temperature ~ 300 °C

Original weld overlay solution provided a limited service life due to its excessive brittleness under repetitive impacts. In addition, the high operating temperatures in service up to 300°C inevitably result to an opening of existing surface cracks, thereby speeding up the erosive wear.
Creusabro® 4800 combines a higher formability required for complex part fabrication, and higher wear and heat resistance resulting to
an increase in service by 30 – 50%.


Heavy Duty Shredder Knives and Anvils

Creusabro® 8000 replacing 500 HB water quenched plate or tool steels, Germany

Homogeneous material properties (through hardened), high strength and toughness improve resistance of the cut edge surface against wear and cyclic loads.
Reduced HAZ during plasma or oxy-cutting improves edge sharpness and longevity.

As a result, +50% longer lifetime was achieved.
C8000 enables to close the gap with tool steels at a lower cost/ton of fragmentized material.


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  • What is the maximal working temperature for CREUSABRO®?

Creusabro®4800 & Creusabro®8000 can operate under temperatures up to 450°C (840°F) continuously, for all thickness between 3mm and 150mm

  • Will CREUSABRO® loose it’s hardness if it is heated over 450°C?

It depends on the holding time and the temperature, after one hour under 500°C the hardness loss will be low, and will slowly increase in the time when traditional 400 or 500Hb material will loss half of their hardness in the first hour

  • CREUSABRO® composition allows better characteristics and a better behaviour against wear, but the level of Cr Ni or Mo is the same on all datasheets?

Datasheets are giving maximal indications, and depending on thickness all producers must adapt the composition, but for examples (in average) the Chromium content of a Creusabro® 4800 is 3 times higher than a common 400 HB, The Nickel content of a Creusabro®8000 is 3 to 20 times higher than classical 500 HB

  • What about weldability of Creusabro®?

Even if Creusabro is more alloyed than classical wear resistant steel, weldability is excellent. As a matter of proof, it is possible to compare the requested preheating temperature for combined thickness, Creusabro® is more tolerant.

  • How does Creusabro® resist to corrosion?

Due to its composition, Creusabro® has a good resistance to corrosion in an aqueous environment, better than common water quenched material. It is not suitable to work in an acidic environment as a stainless steel.

  • What is the thickness of the decarburised zone?

It depends on the thickness, for example on a 100mm thickness, we identified a decarburised zone of 300 µm

  • What is the toughness of a Creusabro®

As wear resistant steels, the toughness of Creusabro®4800 and Creusabro®8000 are not measured, that’s why we give conservative typical values in our datasheets

  • All steels harden under shocks, what is the difference with Creusabro®?

It is important to distinguish the work hardening under shocks and the plastic reaction of a TRIP steel due to residual austenite that turns to martensite and to appearance of micro carbides of chromium, molybdenum.


Creusabro®4800 360 (as-delivered) => 430 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®8000 460 (as-delivered) => 530 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®Dual 460 (as-delivered) => 530 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®M 220 (as-delivered) => 600 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®Superten 360 HB