Creusabro® Advanced Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steels


Your upgraded solution for special abrasion applications

Besides the classical low-alloyed martensitic steels, Industeel has promoted for many years its exclusive and patented range of Creusabro® wear and impact abrasion resistant steels, that proves to exceed the performance of standard wear plates.

Creusabro® steel is a deformation hardening grade, based on Cr-Mo-Ni alloying concept and soft quenching rates during fabrication to obtain a multiphase microstructure with a unique combination of distinctive features:

  • In-service surface hardening effect of about +70HB under the action of local plastic deformations caused by impact with rocks or pressure by the abrasive particles.
  • Fine dispersion of hard microalloyed carbides, which enhance the erosion resistance by fine particles.
  • Creusabro® plates are deep-hardened, whatever their thickness, high tensile, tough and crack-resistant, with uniform properties and low level of residual stresses.
  • Improved corrosion resistance in moderate environments.
  • Resistance to softening up to 450°C without sacrificing on wear resistance.

Creusabro steel grades hardness

Creusabro® offers the optimum combination between wear resistance and easy processing for the most severe fabrication and operating conditions.


Longer service life by +50 to 100%

Longer lasting wear parts play a significant role to reach optimum operational performance and avoid costly machine downtime. Creusabro® steels have proven to exceed the wear resistance of classical water quenched plates:

  • Creusabro® 4800 outlasts classical 400HB-class plates by 50 -100%
  • Creusabro® 8000 and Dual outlast by 50 -100% classical 500HB-class plates, overlay products, hard cast irons…

Alternatively, Creusabro® steels offer substantial weight savings and increased payload potential (lower thickness is required) for the same wear life as standard water quenched plates.


Structural capacity within a wear plate

Creusabro® has a guaranteed impact energy of min 32 J at -20°C. It offers the toughness and weldability necessary to perform not just as a wear liner, but as a structural material in mining and tipper truck bodies, shovel buckets, heavy-duty scrap shears, etc…


Workshop-friendly, ideal for complex fabricated parts
  • no residual stresses within the plate, thus no deformation during and after cutting, thanks to soft quenching process
  • excellent flatness < 3 mm/m, achieved without cold-deformation (no mechanical leveling)
  • softer material in the as-delivery condition facilitate smooth and easy processing of complex parts at the workshop, without compromising on the wear resistance in service conditions.

Creusabro 8000

Heat and wear resistance

Specific chemical composition and initial microstructure result in a high resistance to softening compared to conventional water quenched, which loose their hardness above 250°C.

  • in-service temperature up to 450°C
  • reduced Heat Affected Zone, e.g. after flame cutting or welding
  • if required, Creusabro plates can be hot formed at without any further heat treatment.

Creusabro® is the ideal choice for hot industrial applications e.g. in Power, Cement, Iron & Steel industries.

alloyed hardness


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Creusabro®4800 340-400 => 410-470 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®8000 430 – 500 => 500-570 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®Dual 430-500 =>500-570 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®M 520-600 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®Superten 360-380 HB