Special ingots

INDUSTEEL produces and sells ingots for open die forging and ring-rolling,as well as casting pieces for hydro-electric & nuclear applications.


Oil & Gas Nuclear Navy Wind Energy
F91/92 30CrMoV4-11 100HLES 42CrMo4/Mod
F11/22 16/18/20 MnD5 NQ1 18/34CrNiMo6
F65 304L HY 80/100 WSTE / P355NL
F51 Duplex 316L B64 14CrMoV6 -9
8630 FXM11 31CrMoV9



Low Hydrogen

Metal degassing at low pressure, and the creation of adapted slag enables us to obtain hydrogen content down to 1ppm through a vacuum pouring process.

Sulphur content

  • Appropriate metal and slag deoxidation enables us to produce low sulphur aims under 10ppm sulphur content.
  • For grades with aimed sulphur, calcium treatment is used to obtain globular inclusion in order to facilitate machining.

Inclusion cleanliness

The specific steel plant facilities (furnace, LF, VD/VOD), and process control guarantee very low oxygen content and

Products Formats
Traditional Ingot (round,polygonal, corrugated and square) – From 4 to 190 tons (unit weight)- Round Ø 500mm up to 1500mm
Round hollow ingot – Polygonal hollow ingot – From 30 to 240 tons
Vacuum cast ingot – From 76 to 270 tons
Casting – From 60 to 250 tons

– Width 7m, depth 4.5m, length14m

– Stainless, low alloy and carbon steel grades