Formed pieces

Industeel is fully equipped for the forming and pressing of heavy and extra-heavy plates.

With wide experience in the production of heavy pressed complex shaped pieces and special heavy formed pieces, Industeel is adapted to meet the most severe specifications in diverse domains of the offshore, hydro-electric, nuclear, and petrochemical markets…

Typical pieces

tm_2_4With the advantage of a first class industrial environment, the know-how of the metallurgical department, Industeel proposes viable solutions for the fabrication of complex pieces:

  • Pressed heads up to 350 mm thickness for pressure  vessels, tailor-made to customer’s specifications
  • Hot or cold formed pieces up to 100 T unit weight
  • Large cones and half-shells
  • Pressed pieces in complex forms, with variable thickness…


Single formed heads piece:

  • Hemispherical (inner diameter 2000 to 3000 mm, thickness up to 250mm)
  • Elliptical (inner diameter 2000 to 3500mm, thickness up to 250mm)

Multi-pieces heads:

  • ready to weld cap and petals for heads (diameter up to 12000mm)


Half Shells

Multi pieces shells

  • Ready to weld half shells (diameter up to 6000mm – depending on cut back)

Half Shells

Single or multi piece discs for tubesheets

Single or multi piece discs for tubesheetsTubesheets can be produced with a very important range of steel grades depending on the application and in different formats:

  • 4500mm diameter
  • 800mm thick
  • larger diameters available in ready to weld multi-segment discs