Forged-rolled plates

Forged-rolled plates and blocks can be supplied for critical thick-product applications where specific properties are required throughout the thickness or for stringent ultrasonic testing specifications.

These steel products, offering high-performance mechanical properties, are generally used for assemblies which can have complex shapes. That is why our steel products are designed to be highly workable.

forgef pieces

Thanks to a unique process combining an online forging press and a specific rolling mill, Industeel can supply forged grades.

The advantages of this unique process are:

  • Adjusted chemical composition while respecting the standards required in order to get improved weldability
  • Very good compactness through thickness controlled by UT
  • Excellent through thickness Z properties
  • Flat products with a good surface aspect (descaled, ground, shot blasted)
  • Gain of machining (compared to regular forged products).
  • Excellent machinability of tube-holes thanks to homogeneous properties and structure through the entire thickness

Our forged steels solutions (non exhaustive list, please consult)

Standard plates Forged plates
A387 gr.11 A336 F11
A387 gr.12 A336 F12
A387gr.22 A336F22
A542D Cl4a A336F22V
A542B Cl4 A508 gr.22 Cl4
A387gr.91 A336F91
A533B A508 gr.3
A533C A508 gr.3
A302C A508 gr.3
A516 A266 – A765 gr.2
A203 A765 gr.III
A543 A508 gr.4N

Other pre-hardened grades available: Pre-hardened grades