Prehardened steels – Mechanical applications

Industeel produces prehardened steel grades and available in a very large dimensional program (width ~ 78“ – 2 m thickness up to 37.4” – 950 mm).

Forged-rolled plates and blocks can be supplied for critical thick-product applications where specific properties are required throughout the thickness or for stringent ultrasonic testing specifications.
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Those products can be used in substitution to conventional engineering tool steels, in the manufacture of massive steel components (machines, hydraulic systems…) and engineering tools.

Mecasteel and Superplast® grades, developed by Industeel, are a concept of patented pre-hardened grades with improved properties compared to standard AISI 4130 / 4140 / 4330 / 4330 modified.

sm_1_6_1Example of Applications

  • Mud Pumps : Oil & Gas production, MECASTEEL™ 75
  • Blow-Out Preventers (BOP) : Mechanical parts, offshore oil & gas production, MECASTEEL™ 90
  • Frac Pumps : Shale gas production, MECASTEEL™ 145
Mecasteel™ 145 prehardened steel grade (YS ≥ 145 KSI - 1000 MPa)
Mecasteel™ 17-4 precipitation hardening stainless steel grade (YS 100 ksi to 145 ksi)
Mecasteel™ 75 prehardened steel grade (YS ≥ 75 KSI - 517 MPa)
Mecasteel™ 90 prehardened steel grade (YS ≥ 90 KSI - 620 MPa)
Superplast®33 prehardned steel with an excellent toughness and high machinability for engineering components or molding applications. (280-320 HBW)

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