W 1.2767

Material properties
Nickel alloyed steel for through hardening, with moderate machinability; very high resistance against bending and high compressive strength; very high toughness and good through hardenability.
1.2767 is particularly suitable for high polishing with mirror finish and its thermal treatment is easier to handle compared to W1.2343.

For which applications
High-performance cavity plates and inserts for the processing of plastics with high surface requirements (mirror finish);
Stamping, forming, bending dies for particularly high pressure and bending stresses.


• Afnor: 45 NCD 16
• Euronorm: 45 NiCrMo 16
• Werkstoff: W1.2767
• AISI: ≈ 6F7

Chemical analysis

Typical values (weight%)

C Si Mn Ni Cr Mo
0.45 0.25 0.40 4.0 1.35 0.25

Physical properties

Typical value

Thermal conductivity W.m-1.K-1 Thermal expansion Coefficient (10-6.K-1)
20°C 20-100°C 20-200°C 20-300°C 20-400°C
32.9 11.5 12.3 12.8 13.1

Dimensional program

Thickness Width
15 – 350 mm 1000 – 3000 mm
150 – 900 mm 1000 – 2000 mm


W 1.2767

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