W 1.2711

A HRC 40 prehardened mould steel

W1.2711 is a 40HRC pre – hardened grade for the plastic mould industry, which is characterized by:
• Higher hardness than P20 or W1.2311
• High resistance to wear
• High toughness
• Good polishing properties

The grade is delivered heat treated 360/400 HB. The steel is melted in an electric arc furnace and refined under high vacuum process (VOD) for efficient deoxidation and desulfurization. This process ensures
• A precise and consistent chemical analysis
• A very low level of oxygen
The steel is then bottom poured in ingots designed to improve chemical homogeneity during solidification, and cross rolled. Segregates concentrated in the upper part of the ingot are systematically cropped.


• Euronorm: 54 Ni Cr Mo V6
• Werkstoff: W1.2711

Chemical analysis

Typical values (weight%). Typical industeel analysis is in accordance with international standards.

C S max P max Si Mn Ni Cr Mo V
0.55 .007 .0020 0.3 0.7 1.7 0.7 0.3 0.07

Mechanical properties

Rp 0.2 Yield Strength Rm Ultimate Strength Elongation
MPa ksi MPa ksi %
40 376 1045 151 1270 184 10

Specimen are taken in the rolling direction hardened in oil from 870°C (1600°F) and double tempered to the required hardness.

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W 1.2711

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