Mould cores and cavities



Within our mold steels range your will find a solution suitable for all kind of plastic parts that vary in material, size, complexity and application. Our steels can be used for all plastic moulding processes such as injection, compression, blow and rubber moulding.

Producing high quality injection moulds and plastic parts in a cost effective way is a daily challenge for moldmakers, moulders and OEM. Superplast® is a complete range of premium mould steels dedicated to the plastic injection moulding business. Superplast® grades are delivered prehardened from 300 Brinell to 400 Brinell to produce mould cores, cavities and holders.

The concept of Superplast® steels is based on a lean analysis for a better machining combined to boron metallurgy for an extra high through homogeneity. Thanks to this, Superplast steels provide reliable machining, consistent surface finish and texturing, improved thermal conductivity, easy weld repair and high mechanical strength for a large dimensional range (up to 1300mm thickness).


Quality and reliability

Superplast steels are covered by a guarantee covering metallurgical quality and reliability in your daily use.

Superplast® 300 for automotive large-size mould

On this example, our customer needed a large-size mould (550mm-thick) for a dashboard cavity with a special etch-graining pattern finish requirement. The geometrical pattern could not be achieved with standard grades with a perfect finishing. Indeed, some irregularities due to segregation lines in the steel could not be 100% avoided. This issue was solved by switching to Superplast 300, thanks to its low segregation and excellent through homogeneity.

Cavity made of standard W 1.2738 was rejected due to segregation streaks
Cavity made of standard W 1.2738 was rejected due to segregation lines
Cavity made of Superplast® 2738mod. was approved by end user
Cavity made of Superplast® 300 was approved by end user

Superplast® 300 for Rubber moulding

In the following example, Superplast® 300 was used to manufacture a rubber mould dedicated to produce metal reinforced rubber seals. “Superplast® 300 is really a quality material with excellent machining conditions and homogeneous hardness”, concluded the customer.

Rough machining of Superplast® 2738mod. plate
Rough machining of Superplast® 300 plate
Rubber mould component after machining
Rubber mould component after machining

Hardness HB
Hardness HRC
2311 40CrMnMo 7 1,2311 P20 280-325 29-34
2312 40 CrMnMoS 8.6 ≈ P20+S 300
2714 55 NiCrMoV 7 1,2714 360-400 39-43
2738 (P20) 40 CrMnNiMo 8-6-4 1.2738 P20 + Ni 280-325 29-34
W 1.2767 ≈6F7
Superplast® 300 1.2738mod P20mod 290-330 30-35
Superplast® 350 330-360 35-39
Superplast® 400 350-380 38-42
Superplast® Premium proprietary 290-380 30-42