MX01: Steel for forging dies

MX01 is a steel grade especially developed to minimize operating cost of forging dies by providing :

  • Improved mechanical properties and die resistance to indentation and wear
  • Excellent softening resistance. The global die lifetime will be extended by preserving the dimensional integrity of cavities and forged pieces during longer time than conventional grades.
  • Hardness consistency. Hardness and mechanical properties are consistent throughout the whole die, even in the center of heavy blocks, thanks to boron addition ensuring an efficient through hardening.

Toughness, linked to the chemistry of the grade, ensures a fine distribution of carbides in the matrix. Toughness will provide a good resistance to all phenomena such as chipping, cracking or even failures on the die in hot condition but also during calibration at room temperature.

Chemical analysis

Typical heat analysis (-% Weight).

C Mn Ni Cr Mo V Others
0.50 0.85 0.90 1.10 0.50 0.05
MX01 0.19 1.5 1.00 2.00 0.80 0.20 B

Mechanical properties

• Delivery condition: MX01 is delivered in prehardened condition
• Guaranteed hardness: MX01 is prehardened within the range 360/400 HB (38/42 HRC)
• Typical mechanical properties: Measured at room temperature on 375 mm / 14.8’’ thick block

Hardness (HB) YS
Charpy V
382/392 1034/150 1194/173 13 22/16

Dimensional program

MX01 is delivered in pre-hardened condition. It normally requires no further heat treatment. For specific properties, please consult the mill.

Thickness Width
Up to 500 mm (20″) Up to 2000 mm (78″)

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