2343 – H11

2343 – H11: Hot work tool steel for die casting dies

Material properties
Standard hot work tool steel grade suitable for die casting dies and forging applications
Good softening resistance, good polishing properties after hardening
Good toughness
Good dimensional stability during heat treatment

For which applications
Die casting dies (Sn, Pb, Zn, Al, Mg)
Forging dies (short series)
Moulds for plastic injection


> Euronorm X37CrMoV5.1
> Werkstoff W1.2343
> AISI H11

Chemical analysis

Typical heat analysis in weight %

C S Si Cr Mo V
0.39 0.001 0.30 5.10 1.40 0.35

Typical Industeel analysis is in accordance with international standards

Annealed microstructure

Standard 2343 is delivered without any guarantee on the structure.

For applications requiring higher performances, an improved 2343 grade meeting the following requirements is available:

  • Structure fine and homogeneous without carbides at the grain boundaries
  • Structure in accordance with NADCA, SEP 1614-1 pictures: A5-B4-C2-D2-E1 or CNOMO max image D.

Please consult for more information.

Mechanical properties

2343 grade is delivered in annealed condition with a hardness <230HB. It has to be hardened after rough machining.
Typical mechanical performances of W1.2343/AISI H11 after hardening are:

Hardness (HRC) Temperature of hardening Rm (MPa) Rp0,2 (MPa)
44 20°C 1380 1600
48 20°C 1140 1370
48 200°C 1480 1230
48 400°C 1360 1120
48 500°C 1185 910
48 550°C 1160 780
48 600°C 880 600

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2343 – H11

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