W 1.2316

A prehardened corrosion resistant mold steel for high surface finish applications

W1.2316 is a 16%Cr 1% Mo with improved corrosion resistance properties, thanks to the addition of chromium and molybdenum.

The high cleanliness/homogeneity of the steel makes it specially adapted to fine polishing (mirror finish). This steel is commonly used for mold steel applications including cores, inserts and mold cavities working or stored in humid environments.

This grade is also used for the production of corrosive materials like PVC.


• DIN EN 4957: X38 CrMo16
• WERKSTOFF: 1.2316
• AFNOR: Z40 CD16

Chemical analysis

Typical values (weight%).

C S max P max Si Mn Cr Mo
0.4 0.002 0.020 0.350 0.90 16 09

Mechanical properties

1.2316 is delivered quenched and tempered to 280 – 325 HB (29 – 33 HRC).

Hardness YS 0.2 UTS Elongation Reduction
of area
Elastic modulus
HB MPa ksi MPa ksi % Z% GPa ksi
300 855 124 1020 148 13 38 205 29733

Higher hardness (340 HB) available on demand.

Dimensional program

Typical delivery sizes

Thickness Width
15 – 225 mm
(.59″ – 8.9″)
1000 – 2500 mm
(39.4″ – 98.4″)

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W 1.2316

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