W 1.2316 + S

W1.2316+S is a resulfurized and corrosion resistant prehardened mold steel

W1.2316+S is a 16%Cr 1% Mo mold steel with improved corrosion resistance properties, thanks to the chromium and molybdenum additions. Furthermore, specific sulfur additions are considered to increase its machinability properties. In quenched and tempered conditions, the grade has a fully bainite martensite microstructure and can be delivered in prehardened conditions (300 HB or 340 HB).

The grade is not designed for highly finish polished surfaces or etched surfaces. This grade is commonly used for mold steel applications including cores, inserts, molds… subjected to wet processing and/or storage conditions. The grade is also used for the manufacturing of corrosive materials like PVC.


• DIN EN 4957: X38 CrMo16 (S)
• WERKSTOFF W1.2316 with S addition (≈ 1.2085)
• AFNOR: Z40 CD16S

Chemical analysis

Typical values (weight%).

C S max P max Si Mn Cr Mo
0.4 0.070 0.030 0.350 0.80 16 0.09

Mechanical properties

1.2316 S is delivered quenched and tempered to 280 – 325 HB (29-33 HRC).

Hardness YS 0.2 UTS Elongation Reduction
of area
KCV Elastic modulus
HB MPa ksi MPa ksi % Z% J ft. lbs GPa ksi
300 860 125 1045 151 10 21 11 8 207 30035

Higher hardness (340 HB) available on demand.

Dimensional program

Typical delivery sizes

Thickness Width
20 – 120 mm
(.79″ – 9.8″)
1500 – 2500 mm
(59 – 98.4″)
120 – 300 mm
(4.7″ – 12″)
1500 – 1700 mm
(49″ – 67″)

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W 1.2316 + S

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