Corrosion-resistant moulds


Mould components used to process chemically aggressive plastics (PVC, PET) or for humid /corrosive working conditions.

Suitable for many plastic moulding processes such as extrusion, injection, blow and compression moulding.

Sulfured grades (2085, SP Stainless) are advised for holders where the requirements are machinability and dimensional stability whereas low-sulfur grades (2316, 2083) are advised for high surface finish requirements (polishing for instance).

Superplast® Stainless is a low carbon free machining stainless holder steel. Thanks to its original chemistry and optimized heat treatment, Superplast® Stainless provides much higher machinability than standard 1.2085 with a similar corrosion resistance. It is delivered ready-for-use for mould frames and mould cavities with standard surface finish requirements.

Mold steels for packaging

The manufacturing of PET preforms and bottles requires high speed an high temperatures, aiming at water condensation inside the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to use a corrosion-resistance steel to keep the lifetime of the mold.

Our 2085 stainless mold steel offers the best compromise between corrosion resistance, machinability and cost-efficiency for this high demanding application.




Superplast® Stainless

SP Stainless is more and more used when a higher quality is needed compared to 1.2085. The finest structures gives a more reliable machinability and a better surface finish.

SP Stainless is as well as W1.2099 or W1.2294





PVC Molding

During the molding of PVC pipes, the melting of PVC pellets releases corrosive elements such as HCl that will deteriorate the mould quickly. To increase the lifetime of the mold it is necessary to switch to corrosion-resistant steel grades such as 2316.

Sulfured grades are not advised to keep a high surface finish required for this application. Moreover, the benefit of using 2316 instead of 2083 is that
it is delivered pre-hardened so that you don’t have to care about further hardening heat treatment.





Hardness HB
Hardness HRC
2316 X 38 CrMo 16 1,2316 280-325 29-34
2083 X 42 Cr 13 1.2083 420 280-320 29-34
2085 X 33 CrS 16 1.2085 280-325 29-34
2316+S X 42 Cr 13 (S) 420F mod 280-325 29-34
Superplast® Stainless 1.2099 290-330 30-35