Corrosion-resistant moulds


Mould components used to process chemically aggressive plastics (PVC, PET) or for humid /corrosive working conditions.

Suitable for many plastic moulding processes such as extrusion, injection, blow and compression moulding.

Sulfured grades (2085, SPStainless) are advised for holders where the requirements are machinability and dimensional stability whereas low-sulfur grades (2316, 2083) are advised for high surface finish requirements (polishing for instance).

Stainless mould
Stainless mould


Superplast® Stainless is a low carbon free machining stainless holder steel. Thanks to its original chemistry and optimized heat treatment, Superplast® Stainless provides much higher machinability than standard 1.2085 with a similar corrosion resistance. It is delivered ready-for-use for mould frames and mould cavities with standard surface finish requirements.

  • Delivery condition: hardened and tempered
  • Delivery hardness: 290 – 330 HB
  • Dimensional range: up to 910 mm thick

Industeel 1.2316

Thanks to its high chromium and molybdenum content combined with high cleanliness, Industeel 1.2316 (DIN X 36 CrMo 17) is recommended for mould cores and cavities that require both corrosion resistance and high surface finish.

  • Delivery condition: hardened and tempered
  • Delivery hardness: 280 – 325 HB (or on request)
  • Dimensional range: up to 300 mm thick

Hardness HB
Hardness HRC
2316 X 36 CrMo 17 1,2316 280-325 29-34
2083 1.2083 420 280-320 29-34
2085 X 33 CrS 16 1.2085 280-325 29-34
2316+S 420F mod 280-325 29-34
Superplast® Stainless 1.2099mod 290-330 30-35