Mars® 600

Ultra-High-Hard Armor

Typical Applications
Mars® 600 thickness 5 mm - EN 1522 FB6
Mars® 600 thickness 5 mm – EN 1522 FB6

New metallurgical concept combining 600 HB hardness level with excellent ductility and toughness close to a 500 HB material. Ultra-High-Hard Armor steel with very high ballistic performances and integration possibilities

First multipurpose 600 HB with an impressive ballistic behavior in terms of deformation capacity, resistance to multi-impacts and and best in its class workability (mainly bending)

Applications 600 HB

Mars® 600 is the material of the future that is changing designs of military programs: light weight solution and possible use as a structure. Its great properties offer limitless usage possibilities.

Examples of applications

Example of MARS® 600 integration
Example of Mars® 600 integration
  • Light & medium modern vehicle structures
  • Cold formed parts for light and medium vehicles
  • Solid add-on armor with space
  • Front layer of composite solutions
  • Insert for individual protection

MARS® 600 used for VBCI vehicle (Nexter)
Mars® 600 used for VBCI vehicle (Nexter)

Mars®600 NF A36-800 THD4
MIL-DTL-32332 Class 1