Perforated Mars® 650

Ultra High-Hard-Armor

Typical applications

Mars® 650 is a ultra-high-hard (typical 650 HBW) protection steel offering uncompromising ballistic resistance performance, for use as add-on armor.
In the perforated version, holes are evenly distributed within the surface to interact with the diameter of the incoming threat. The use of specific perforation process leads to very good flatness, absence of HAZ and low residual stress.

Perforated Mars® 650 is intended to be used as add-on armor at some stand-off distance from platform base armor.

Incoming AP projectiles tends to fracture due to bending stress induced by impacts on holes edges or into the ultra-high hard material in-between. If they are not fractured, projectiles are at least diverted from their incident trajectory which thus drastically reduce their residual penetration capability into base armor.

The holes reduce the areal density of armor plate and also limit possible cracks propagation conferring to Perforated Mars® 650 an exceptional multi-hits capability.
It results to a mass efficiency close the one of ceramic/composites solutions, with a much more better multi-hit capability and easier integration.

Perforated Mars® 650 is also used as ventilation grille (engine, cabin).

Examples of applications

Example of Perforated Mars® 300 integration
Example of Perforated Mars® 650 integration
  • Add-on armor on light and medium vehicles
  • Kit parts or pieces for specific parts of all vehicles
  • Ventilation grilles for all range of vehicles
APC upgraded by bolting perforated MARS® 300 panels
APC upgraded by bolting Perforated Mars® 650 panels
Perforated MARS® 300 as ventilation grille
Perforated Mars® 650 as ventilation grille