Mars® 300 Perforated

Perforated Mars® 300: ultra high-hardness steel (620 HB) for ballistic protection (add-on-armor)

Perforated Mas® 300 is a super high hard armour steel used for add-on-armour applications.
For the same level of protection, Perforated Mars® 300 is a light weight solution equivalent to weight composit solution like ceramic with a much better multi-hit capability and very easier possibility of integration than composit.


INDUSTEEL: Perforated Mars® 300
Perforated Mars® 300 satisfies requirements of following specifications:
• France : NF A 36-800-1 THD4&5
• Germany : TL 2350 – 0000 Quality T
• U.K. : DEF STAN 95-24 Class 5
• USA : MIL 32332

Chemical analysis

C S P Si Mn Ni Cr Mo
.45 – .55 ≤ .002 ≤ .010 ≤ 1.00 ≤.7 1.4 – 2.4 ≤ .4 ≤ .5

Mechanical properties

Typical values as supplied
Guarantee: 578-655
Typical hardness: 620 HB

No variation of hardness in thickness
No HAZ and local softening of material

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Mars® 300 Perforated

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