Ultra high hard armor – Mars® 300 Perforated

Typical applications

Equivalent to composite solution like ceramic with a much better multi hit capability and easier integration 620 HB material without loss or heat affected zone from holes drilling operation

Macro and micro perforated concepts where configurations of holes are defined to meet maximum efficiency in terms of caliber ammunition and obliquity of impacts

Applications 620 HB

Projectiles break on impact with the ultra high hard Mars® 300, losing their efficiency and ability to damage the protected structure. Perforated Mars® 300 is a lightweight solution equivalent when used add-on armor.

Perforated Mars® 300 kits are mainly used for light and medium vehicles to improve their protection from a stanag level 2 to stanag level 4.

Perforated Mars® 300 is also used as ventilation grille (engine, cabin).

Examples of applications

Example of Perforated Mars® 300 integration
Example of Perforated Mars® 300 integration
  • Add-on armor on light and medium vehicles
  • Kit parts or pieces for specific parts of all vehicles
  • Ventilation grilles for all range of vehicles
APC upgraded by bolting perforated MARS® 300 panels
APC upgraded by bolting perforated Mars® 300 panels
Perforated MARS® 300 as ventilation grille
Perforated Mars® 300 as ventilation grille
Mars®300 Perforated NFA 36 800 - 1 class THD4&5 (France)
Mil A 32 332 Class 1 & 2 (USA)
TL 2350 0000 - Quality T (Germany)
Def Stan 95 24 - Class 5 (UK)