Ultra high hard armor – Mars® 300

Typical Applications

600 HB ballistical efficient material

Exceptional performances in penetration resistance making it the best solution for weight saving

Easy integration in multi materials and composite solutions with its incredible flatness of 1 mm/m

Available in two classes:

  • Class 1 (600 HB) replying to current UHH specifications
  • Class 2 (630 HB), replying to ultimate standard used by the leading experts

Applications 600 HB

Mainly in thin plates (typical thickness of 6 mm) from which more than 10000 big size parts have been laser cut, ready to be fitted on vehicles.
Mars® 300 is a MUST for high tech and light solutions.

Examples of applications

Example of Mars® 300 integration
Example of Mars® 300 integration
  • Flat kits parts for whole vehicles
  • Add-on armor
  • Front layer of composite solutions
  • Heavy armor for MBT protection
Helicopter parts
Helicopter parts
Truck cabin in MARS® 300 (fitted parts)
Truck cabin in Mars® 300 (fitted parts)
Mars®300 NFA 36 800 - 1 class THD4&5 (France)
Mil A 32 332 Class 1 & 2 (USA)
TL 2350 0000 - Quality T (Germany)
Def Stan 95 24 - Class 5 (UK)