Mars® 380

Rolled Homogeneous Armor for ballistic protection & evaluation of armor-defeating ammunition

Typical Applications

Easy processing (for a wide range of thicknesses), while keeping good and multipurpose ballistic properties for any kind of threat

Adapted metallurgical properties according to specific requirements (chemical composition, hardness range, thickness range…)

Excellent homogeneity and reproducibility

Available in different classes:

  • Class 1: for vehicules structures
  • Class 3: for targets for the evaluation of armor-defeating ammunitions

Examples of applications

Mars® 380 for targets is the reference used for analysis, control of munitions performances and for their qualification.

Mars® 380 ability to meet all technical requirements makes it a material of choice in the most advanced and modern projects, both medium and heavy vehicles, ships and frigates constructions.

Example of Mars® 190 integration
Example of Mars® 380 integration
  • Medium and heavy tank structures
  • Floors for all kinds of vehicles
  • Ship and frigate construction
  • Observation posts, buildings
Piling of 4 plates of 80 mm of Mars® 190
Piling of 4 plates of 80 mm of Mars® 380
Observation post
Observation post
Mars®380 NF A36-800 CLA
MIL-DTL-12560 Class 1 & 3
DEF STAN 95-13 Type 1 & 2