Naval grades

For submarine hulls and surface vessels, ballistic protection is essential and steels with very high mechanical performance (high yield strength) and sufficient workability for cutting, forming and welding are needed.

Industeel offers submarine hull plates, reinforcement members and ingots for forged parts.

Our steel solutions cover all the grades used for submarine construction around the world:

  • NQ1
  • HY80 HY100
  • HSLA 80
  • 80 HLES


Industeel is a leader in high-hardness steels for navy and ballistic protection applications and the world’s leading supplier of 600 HB steel plates.
Customer and project details are of course confidential.

Case study:

Although certain details cannot be disclosed, general aspects of a number of case studies demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of our customers:

Customer need: Steel plate for the hull of a new submarine design.

Industeel solution: 80 HLES high yield strength steel plate.

Results: After comparative testing with other materials, our 80 HLES grade high strength steel plate was selected as the best material for the hulls of this new submarine.