Mars® 440

Medium Hard Armor

Typical applications
Mars® 440 sample 15 mm after blast tests (classified results)

Optimal ballistic protection against mines and IED explosion thanks to its excellent hardness, toughness and ductility properties.
Excellent workability particularly bending and welding for building complex designs used for blast protection. (V shape floor)

Available in two versions:

  • Quenched and tempered: for floors and undersides of light and medium vehicles from 4 to 50 mm
  • Air-Hardened, auto-tempering: specially adapted to hot-forming for Vshape underbellies of heavy vehicle, from 20 to 80 mm

Mars® 440 has been qualified by the military as preferred material due to its remarkable resistance to blast during testing on prototypes.

Floors structure from light vehicles up to heavy tanks, deflectors  to upgrade existing floor, Mars® 440 replies easily to any undersides configurations.

Examples of applications

Example of MARS® 220 integration
Example of Mars® 440 integration
  • Blast and IED protection
  • V shape floors for light and medium vehicles
  • Bottom sides of medium vehicles
  • Underbelly for heavy tank
  • Deflectors to upgrade existing floor
Blast mines
Blast mines
Tank floor
Tank floor

Mars®440 NF A36-800 THD1
MIL-DTL-12560 Class 4a & 4b