Mars® 500

High-hard armor

Typical Applications
High Hard Armor – Mars®240
High Hard Armor – Mars® 500

Well balanced solution between workability and weight saving used in military and civil applications

Tight tolerances (+/-0.2 mm) from very thin thickness 2.5 mm up to medium thickness

Excellent flatness and homogeneity, Mars® 500 sheets are delivered with a guaranteed flatness of 3 mm/m and uniformity of mechanical properties throughout the material

Applications 500 HB

Excellent flatness, quiet material (no spring back during cutting) make Mars® 500 a perfect 500 HB solution for all welded constructions, avoiding straightening operations. Tight tolerances permit weight saving, offering the lightest solution for a given level of protection.

Examples of applications

Add-on armor bended parts in MARS® 240 fitted on vehicles
Add-on armor bent parts in MARS®500 fitted on vehicles
  • Light & medium vehicle structures
  • Trucks, cabins, vans structures
  • Kit parts for vehicles in civil application
  • Add-on armor kits
  • Window frames
MARS® 240 thin hull welded
Thin MARS® 500 welded hull 
MARS® 240 used for civil application
MARS® 500 used for civil application (armored SUV)
Mars®500 NF A36-800 THD2