Welded elements for jack-up rigs

Offshore oil & gas fields are explored using jack-up rigs that must guarantee the highest level of operating safety. The steel making up the structural elements, particularly the legs, must offer exceptional mechanical characteristics, in particular very high yield strength in addition to high toughness at low temperatures and sufficient weldability.
Industeel produces welded elements for jack-up leg manufacture. These elements are assembled from cut racks and hot pressed chords welded on both sides of each rack.


These pieces are flame-cut from very high quality quenched and tempered plates:
Very high tensile properties (690MPa) and very high levels of toughness at low temperature (-60°C / -76°F) with improved weldability.
Very tight tolerances comparable to machined parts, with in particular stringent guarantees on squareness.

Typical grades: SuperElso® 690CR

Dimensions available:

  • Thickness up to about 8“ (210 mm)
  • Weight up to 25.5 st (23 mt)
  • Length up to 49 ft (15.5 meters)
  • Width: 600 to 1100 mm


These pieces are hot-pressed from high yield strength plates (690 MPa), quenched and tempered, with high toughness values at low temperatures (- 60°C).

Typical grades: 400MPa to 690MPa grades

Dimensions available:

  • Thickness up to 5“ (120 mm)
  • Length: up to 10 m

Welded elements:

Welded elements assembled from racks and chords with exceptional sizes.
Tight tolerances on flatness and camber chord twist on finished welded elements.
The properties in the weld deposit metal and the heat affected zone are strictly homogeneous with the base metal.

Typical grades: 830MPa / HY120

Dimensions available

  • Weight up to 77.6 st (70 mt)
  • Length up to 74.7 ft (24.5 meters)

Rack chocks for fixation systems:

Products available:

  • Thickness up to 10“ (255 mm)
  • Grades up to HY 120