Magnet applications such as magnet resonance imaging (MRI) or particle accelerators (cyclotrons) require high specific magnetic properties with an excellent homogeneity throughout the magnet components.

The high purity XC06 provided by Industeel is manufactured via a specific production route that ensures pure iron steel (very limited alloying, high cleanliness) and homogeneous properties throughout the product thanks to an optimized heat treatment. Reproducibly high levels of magnetic properties are thus obtained:

  • high saturation induction
  • high permeability
  • low coercitive force

XC06 already proved its quality for high-tech industry components:

  • particle accelerators
  • magnet components (cores, yokes)
  • synchrotons
  • spectrometers
  • hyperloop trains

XC06 is available up to 825 mm under following forms:

  • hot rolled plates,
  • forged blocks,
  • tailor-made oxycut pieces.