High strength (690MPa)

Amstrong® Ultra 690 grades are high yield strength steels for welded and weight – saving structures

Typical Applications

Weight saving
Thanks to its minimum yield strength of 690 MPa, it enables to save weight in the final stucture.

Easy forming and weldability
Thanks to its exceptional purity rate (very low sulphur and phosphorus contents), and its adapted chemical analysis, Amstrong® Ultra 690 is easy to shape and weld, even for heavy and thick plates. The reduced carbon and alloying elements content of Amstrong® Ultra 690 allows welding in very good conditions with excellent characteristics.

Examples of applications

Dumpers, Chassis – Canopy Amstrong®690 : th = 8 - 50 mm
Dumpers, Chassis – Canopy Amstrong® Ultra 690 : th = 8 – 50 mm

The vehicle weight is reduced, the fuel consumption is reduced

Thanks to its typical mechanical properties and easy weldability, Amstrong® Ultra 690 is often used in different applications such as:

  • Penstocks
  • Machine frames
  • Offshore cranes
  • LPG vessel
  • Bucket parts
  • Offshore equipments
  • Heavy mechanical
  • Outriggers
  • etc …

Public Work (demolition)

Jaw crushers
Jaw crushers

Public Work (demolition)

Amstrong® 690 th = 60 – 80 mm
Amstrong® Ultra 690 th = 60 – 80 mm
Amstrong® Ultra 690QL S690 QL according to EN 10025-6
Amstrong® Ultra 690QL1 S690 QL1 according to EN 10025-6