Clad plates

Clad plates
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Smart combination of properties

Clad plate is a multi-layer plate which combines a carbon or low alloy steel plate (backing or backer) with a thin layer of corrosion resistant grade (cladding or clad).

Cost effective solution

Selecting clad plate can reduce equipment weight, fabrication time and material cost.

High Performance solution

Clad plate combines the high mechanical properties of the backing and the high corrosion resistance of the cladding. Backing is supplied with Normalizing (N) or Quenching with Tempering (QT) heat treatment.

Reliable solution

Thanks to high temperature and high rolling force, the hot-rolled bond process guarantees the integral metallurgical bond between the cladding and the backing.

Compared to solid corrosion resistant plates, roll-bonded clad plates are:

  • Material cost saving
  • Weight reduction
  • Welding cost saving
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Lower thermal expansion

Compared to explosion clad plate, roll-bonded clad plates have:

  • Cost competitiveness
  • Homogeneous bond
  • Wider dimensional range
  • Lower residual stresses
  • Improved flatness tolerances

Compared to weld overlay, rollbonded clad plates exhibit:

  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Greater choice of Corrosion Resistant grades
  • Homogeneous chemical composition
  • Higher internal soundness
  • Homogeneous bond (neither wave, nor Heat Affected Zone)
  • Easier Non Destructive Testing
  • Better surface finishing

Compared to mechanical cladding and wall papering, roll-bonded clad plates present:

  • Integral bonding between the backing and the cladding
  • Continuous and high properties even in welds
  • Resistant to pressure cycles
  • Easier circular welds for pipes
  • Easier maintenance
  • Safer solution for corrosive product infiltration

Compared to coatings (organic, plastic or tiles,…) , roll-bonded clad plates have:

  • Higher reliability (wear, earthquake)
  • Easier field erection
  • Easier maintenance operation

Hot-rolled bond process ensuring the cohesion of the two materials

Clad plates solutions

Clad plate solution for pressure vessels & structural applications

Clad plate solution for pressure vessels & structural applications

Our clad plates can be used for pressure vessel and for structural applications where combining fabrication procedures and corrosion resistance is of prime importance.

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Clad plate solution for clad pipe applications

Clad plate solution for clad pipe applications

Clad pipes made from metallurgical roll bonded clad plate offer the best material solution to these most demanding applications.

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Tailor made clad solution

Tailor made clad solution

Our excellent knowledge of the clad plate process and specialty plate metallurgy, open up the possibilities for a wide range of multiple materials combinations.

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