New gas chain brochure

New gas chain brochure

Our new gas chain brochure provides Industeel steel solutions (from carbon & low-alloy steels to stainless steels & nickel-based alloys in solid or clad plates) for each main step of the gas i...



Industeel supports Télévie and raises funds for cancer research
Industeel supports Télévie and raises funds for cancer research

Under a blue sky, a team of 40 Industeel Belgium employees took part on Sunday 11 March at the 5 and 10 miles of Charleroi, an event that met this year again a great success, with nearly 1900 registered runners.

If the registered employees joined the race for passion, for the sportive challenge or animated by team spirit, they also contributed to support a good cause, since Industeel Belgium had committed to donate for each employee taking part in the race the sum of 50 euros to Télévie, a well-known association in Belgium that raises funds for research against children’s and adults’ leukemia and cancer. In addition to the sales revenue for Télévie products offered within the company, Industeel Belgium will thus donate 2000 euros to the association.

The management congratulates the 40 riders for their participation and thanks also the colleagues who play a role in organising the event and were present on Sunday to support the runners.

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Industeel wishes you a very Happy, Succesfull, Healthy and Prosperous Year!

We thank you for your support and we look foward to further collaboration for shaping the futur of steel with innovative and tailor-made solutions.