UHH armor steel for lightweight bulletproof structures

UHH armor steel for lightweight bulletproof structures

Ultra-High Hardness (UHH) armor steel is the best performing steel alloy for protection against armor piercing (AP) bullets. Thanks to a 578 to 655 HBW hardness, UHH steel panels are ...



In Le Creusot art takes root in Industeel expertise
In Le Creusot art takes root in Industeel expertise

The Industeel plant in Le Creusot (France) contributes to an impressive open-air exhibition by Bob Verschueren, an atypical artist who uses elements from nature as a means of expression.

Bob Verschueren is a "hunter-gatherer" of the 21st century. It is by this definition that the cultural centre of Le Creusot (France) presents this artist. This self-taught landcutter, the international reference for nature art, offers an unprecedented re-reading of the town of Le Creusot and its industrial activity by investing the site with plants and other materials harvested from local soil. The artist is associated in this exhibition with Dominique Sitobin who brings, through her drawings, poems, photographs and sound recordings, a praise to nature and ephemeral beauty.

The Industeel plant, like other industrial sites in the region around Le Creusot, was solicited to make a material contribution. Several hundred kilos of steel are from now on used in a 15 meter long monumental structure. Our local research centre also helped to set up the structure by bringing its technical expertise to the welding of the materials used.

This ephemeral work combining wood and steel will stay visible in the heart of the city for the next three months, staying until 20 May in front of the cultural centre.

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