Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

In December 2019, Industeel signed their first photovoltaic contract for the installation of more than 1500 solar panels to be mounted on the roof of the plant in Charleroi. These panels have ...



Creusabro® Superten
Creusabro® Superten

The structural* wear resistant steel

What is Creusabro® SUPERTEN ?

  • Water Quenched + tempered wear resistant product, with guaranted hardness, tensile and
    toughness values
  • Used for big parts needing structural capacity and exposed to wear in big thicknesses such as demolition shears, thick blades, bucket beam...
  • Thickness 40 mm to 180 mm

Mechanical properties / guaranteed

Thickness range

Tensile properties CVN - Impact
YS 0.2%
Elong. (%)
40 - 100 mm Specification 310 - 370 ≥ 830 ≥ 880 ≥ 10°C
Typical 340  890  960 14 50
101 - 180 mm Specification 300 - 380 ≥ 890 ≥ 980 ≥ 12 30J. at 20°C
Typical 340 960  1050 16 50

Product advantages:

  • The only product guaranteeing hardness, tensile properties and toughness, none of the other products guaranties minimal tensile properties, just indications!
  • NEW: no minimal quantity up to 100 mm
  • Cost effective and easy implementation

CREUSABRO® SUPERTEN → Competitive / Very High-level Product

*Creusabro® Superten is not a construction steel according to EN 10025 (CE-marking not applicable).

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