Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

Industeel installs 1500 solar panels on the plant’s roof in Charleroi

In December 2019, Industeel signed their first photovoltaic contract for the installation of more than 1500 solar panels to be mounted on the roof of the plant in Charleroi. These panels have ...



65 awards for Industeel employees
65 awards for Industeel employees

At Industeel Le Creusot, 43 employees were awarded a medal during a ceremony that took place at the Pavillon de l’Industrie, in Le Creusot on Friday 8 December. The medals were distributed as follows (some received two medals):

  • Great Gold (40 years of work) for 11 people
  • Gold (35 years) for 14 people
  • Vermeil (30 years old) for 12 people
  • Silver (20 years of work) for 11 people

At Industeel Chateauneuf and Saint-Chamond, 22 employees were also awarded a medal during another ceremony that was held at the Maison des Forgerons on Tuesday 12 December, with the following distribution:

  • Great Gold for 4 people
  • Gold for 4 people
  • Vermeil for 3 people
  • Silver for 11 people

The awarded employees were congratulated by the Directors of the plants and the managers of various departments.

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