High quality steels producer

Industeel, subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, is specialized in the production of hot rolled as well as forged steel plates, ingots and formed pieces, with the largest dimension range worldwide.

Producing carbon, low alloy, stainless steels and nickel based alloys, Industeel offers a complete range of high quality steel grades designed to meet the most severe customer specifications. Industeel regroups 6 production facilities rich with a long tradition of metallurgical know-how and different product specialties.

Industeel Belgium Charleroi Plant

Special facilities : Shotblasting, Painting, Beveling & Cold forming Capacity : 250 kt/year
Charleroi plant

Industeel France Châteauneuf plant

Special facilities : Online forging press & Water quenching Capacity : 60 kt/year
Châteauneuf plant

Industeel France Le Creusot plant

Special facilities : Oil quenching Capacity : 120 kt/year
Le Creusot plant

Industeel France St Chamond plant

Specialities : hot forming of hemispheric and elliptical heads in piece or multi piece, and hot or cold form of tailor-made three-dimensional shapes.
Saint-Chamond plant

Industeel Dunkirk

Specialities : storage facilities, oxycutting and plasma cutting bevelling for weld preparation, press bending and roll forming for cylindrical shells and cones, pre-welding.
Industeel Dunkirk

Largest dimension range worldwide

Product and application innovation is assured by proximity to its global customer base via a dedicated world-wide sales network. All our products are submitted to the most stringent internal and external controls, but also our quality assurance system is approved by the largest international certifying authorities, a guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers