Creusabro® Superten

Extra thick wear plate with enhanced crack resistance

Creusabro® Superten is an abrasion resistant steel with high tensile properties and enhanced crack resistance. As a result, it is used in massive structure components submitted to heavy service loads inservice conditions, in an abrasive environment. Thicknesses range of Creusabro® Superten extends from 50 to 180 mm. For heavier gauges, please inquire us.

Typical applications: Buckets, cutting blades, demolition and recycling equipment, scrap shears and high thickness structural parts.


Creusabro® Superten

Chemical analysis

Typical values (weight %)

C Si P S Mn Ni Cr Mo V
<= 0.18 <= 0.6 <= 0.015 <= 0.005 <= 1.6 <= 2.5 <= 1.0 <= 0.7 <= 0.07

Carbon equivalent

Thickness range – mm (*) C.Eq
< 150 mm (≤ .5.9”) ≤ .65
≥ 150 mm (≥ .5.9”) ≤ .75

Mechanical properties

Hardness YS UTS Elongation % KCVL-20°C
Guaranteed values (as supplied) 300-380 HB ≥ 960 MPa* (≥ 139 ksi) ≥ 1050 MPa* (≥ 152 ksi) ≥ 12 ≥ 32 J (24 ft. lbs)

*For thicknesses 120 mm and above, YS min. 890 MPa and UTS min. 980 MPa


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Creusabro® Superten

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Technical data and information are to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. However, they may be subjected to some slight variations due to our ongoing research programmes. Therefore, we suggest that information be verified at time of enquiry or order. Furthermore, in service, real conditions are specific for each application. The data presented here are for the purpose of description only, and can be considered as guarantees only when written formal approval has been provided by our company. Industeel reserves the right to change its product range at any time without prior notice.