Creusabro® Advanced Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steels


Industeel offers its exclusive and patented range of Creusabro® wear and impact TRIP-aided abrasion resistant steels.

When in service, Creusabro® steels strongly improve their wear resistance by a surface hardening effect of about +70HB.

Creusabro® grades have a fine dispersion of hard Ti, Cr, Mo alloyed carbides which enhance the resistance to slide abrasion. The deep-hardened plates have uniform properties and low level of residual stresses,

As a result, this is the optimum combination of wear resistance and process ability for the most severe fabrication and operating conditions.

Specific chemical composition and initial microstructure of Creusabro® grades result in a high resistance to softening compared to conventional steels.

  • in-service temperature up to 450°C without sacrificing on wear resistance
  • conventional water quenched steels will loose their hardness above 250°C.

alloyed hardness

Creusabro® DUAL

Creusabro®Dual is alloyed with high titanium content and produced by oil quenching. This innovative grade is mainly dedicated to severe sliding wear conditions for applications where conventional 500HB, 550HB steels, hardfacing, overlay plates or hard-cast parts are usually implemented.

Creusabro® Dual can be welded, drilled and machined, as well as being rolled, formed and fabricated.

Roll crushers
Roll crushers
Screen decks, gratings, breakers
Screen decks, gratings, breakers

Creusabro® Superten

Creusabro® Superten is used in massive structure components submitted to heavy loads in service, where high resistance to abrasion is required together with high toughness, crack resistance and a good workability.

  • production range 50 to 180 mm,
  • nominal delivery hardness of 340 HB
  • guaranteed tensile and impact properties

Shovel buckets
Shovel buckets

Creusabro® 4800, 8000

Thanks to its original chemistry and advanced manufacturing process, Creusabro® 4800 and 8000 grades love hard digging and impact loads faced typically in hard rock mines.

  • Longer service life by +50 to 100%
  • Creusabro® 4800 outlasts 450 HB steel
  • Creusabro® 8000 outlasts 500 HB steel

Creusabro® steels offers substantial weight savings potential for the same wear life as conventional low alloyed martensitic steels.

Creusabro®4800 340-400 => 410-470 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®8000 430 – 500 => 500-570 HB (after work hardening)
Creusabro®Superten 360-380 HB