5.2 million investment for descaling

5.2 million investment for descaling

Industeel will launch an investment of 5.2 million euros for the improvement of its descaling equipment. The investment consists of the replacement of the pumping station, high pressure pipes and prim...



Industeel participates in the Industrial Chair DIGIMU
Industeel participates in the Industrial Chair DIGIMU

Industeel's R&D center takes part in the ambitious project called DIGIMU, which aim is to develop an innovative global framework for the simulation of microstructural changes during forming processes.
The DIGIMU Industrial Chair is one of the five projects selected by ANR (French National Research Agency) in their "Industrial Chairs - 2016 Edition" programme.
The DIGIMU Chair, handled by Armines MINES ParisTech, is co-funded by ANR and the industrial consortium composed of the following companies: Industeel ArcelorMittal, Areva, Ascometal, Aubert & Duval, CEA and Safran.

The DIGIMU Chair in key figures:
8 partners: Cemef / Armines MINES ParisTech (project owner), Transvalor (software publisher), Industeel ArcelorMittal, Areva, Ascometal, Aubert & Duval, CEA, Safran (industrial consortium)
Budget: 1.23 million euros
5 PhDs, 2 Post-docs, 3 MSc or MTech Internships
5 years: 2016-2021
Shared software development

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