Superplast® steels conquering the oceans

Superplast® steels conquering the oceans

After the roads, Industeel Superplast® steels extend their use to the oceans. READ MORE 


Health and Safety Weeks at Industeel
Health and Safety Weeks at Industeel

In October, each Industeel plant organised its « Health Week ». At Industeel Chateauneuf, a new workshop was held every day with a different topic: ageing, sleep, exercise and nutrition issues. At Industeel Charleroi, the whole week was about the “0-5-30” topic: 0 tobacco, 5 fruits and vegetables each day, 30 minutes of physical activity every day. At Industeel Le Creusot, different workshops were organised around the topic “tobacco, alcohol, drugs: how to prevent and get rid of addictions”. A majority of Industeel employees participated in these activities.

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65 awards for Industeel employees

At Industeel Le Creusot, 43 employees were awarded a medal during a ceremony that took place at the Pavillon de l’Industrie...